​  Forts  and  swingsets  are  bolted  in  with  approximately  60-100  bolts/set.  Screws,  nails,  and  staples  are  used  on  non-structured     parts,  roof,  etc.  Structure  is  made from  treated  yellow  pine,  which  will  not  rot  and  is  non-toxic.  Decorative  pane  is  made  from     Number  1 cedar wood.  Custom-built  swingsets  are  also  available, per  needs/requests.  Your  set  can  consist  of  a  variety  of  things,   such  as:  swings,  slides  (10 foot),  fireman poles,  a  climbing  rock wall,  baby  swings,  gliders,  adult  porch  swings,  furniture,  rings/      

  trapeze bar,  telescope,  steering wheel,  tire  swing, bridges, different  levels,  different  size  decks,  etc.  Forts  and  roofs  can  be  either  



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  Playhouses are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I have made some that are off-the-ground with slides, climbing walls, and  

  fireman poles. For the girls, we can  dress it up with shutters, window boxes, porch swings, and real windows. Lofts come standard in the

  9x10 model. Each playhouse consists of the following: 3 windows, loft,  front porch, porch swing, labor, delivery, and setup. 

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